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Today I learned my neighbor believes that vaccinations cause autism, and is WAY crazier than I thought. He saw this one pastor's wife that rides the bus and wanted to talk to her. He's Catholic(or was), and she's.. I forgot... Lutheran?? Presbyterian? and last time I saw her on the bus, he was asking her questions about differences in their religion. I think he was having a crisis of faith or something. She was pretty patient with him even though he was talking in circles.

Anyway so today he saw her and sat down across from her, and asked what she thought about vaccinations. She was like "...?" And he started saying "blah blah autism"... and she tried telling him that vaccinations have saved a lot of people, and that people with autism can still lead good lives(she clearly didn't believe that vaccinations actually cause autism).. and he was like "Are you saying autism is a good thing?!"

He said that Bill Gates was infiltrated by the devil, and that he's trying to give people in India polio, and he has his sights set on killing all the kids in Africa. And he started saying we should be worried, especially with Obamacare. Huh??

Then she tried placating him by saying something about Jesus being our protector. And then he started going ON and ON about abortion, and how there's 50 million abortions performed every year... and how there's some law in the senate to kill babies that are up to age 3. And then the woman started questioning his sources.

Then he started going on about nephilim and giants being created with DNA(?) And that he said kids are being taught to masturbate in school at ages 4 and 5. And he said "do you believe that?" and she said "no, I don't believe that, I have a 5 year old, and she's not learning to masturbate." so deadpan I almost started laughing... then he started implying she was ignorant... and that she didn't know what was REALLY going on, since she can't be with her kid 24/7.

I kept wanting to yell at him to leave the woman alone, but I'm a big fat chicken.

He went on about a bunch of crap for a while, then started talking about the government spraying chemicals in the air specifically to kill us... and that the Colorado theater shooting was a conspiracy to take our guns, and that it was STAGED.

Then he started talking about the upcoming apocalypse, and someone behind him agreed with him and the second he turned his head, she started reading the book she had with her, that she'd been reading when we got on the bus, probably hoping he'd like get the hint... which he didn't. Then he started talking about the apocalypse for a few more moments, and she said "I'm going to finish my book now, but good talk." and set herself free. This entire conversation was over the course of like 25 minutes. Then he started chatting with one of his other buddies behind him about other random shit...

At that point I went to finally put my headphones on like I usually do, and discovered they weren't there. I left them at home -_- I almost started crying. But he was mostly done talking at that point.

PS Apparently my neighbor recommends a site called INFOWARS, but I haven't given it a read.
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